Ring around Durmitor

Jeep Tours

Durmitor provides the perfect terrain and back drop for unforgettable jeep tours. We have provided details of some tours below, however it is also possible under take tours to other places as well, along the routes that we have mentioned below or outside Durmitor region. If you are interested in details of other route options, you can ask us at the comp or visit the tourist agencies in town and opt for the offer you consider to be the most interesting to you.

Cycling routes

Cycling & Motorcycling

How prepared for a bicycle ride you are no one can judge better than you. Some cycling tours, marked on maps and in guides as easy ones, are not that easy if you are out of shape! Therefore, take a good look at the map and height differences of the tour that you wish to make, judge your capabilities, and… off you go. Our tips may seem packed with warnings, but we have witnessed numerous cases of people overestimating their stamina and embarking on an adventure which ended up being memorable for the wrong reasons…

Mountain visit


Durmitor paths are marked, but any wrong turn, however small it might seem, can put you in an almost hopeless situation. Also, the mountain is extremely moody as far as weather conditions are concerned. You may embark on a hiking tour in a sunny, perfect morning, only to find yourself, after a two -hour walk, in the midst of a fog out of which you will probably not be able to walk out without the help from the mountain rescue service.

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